On this page we have compiled information and tips on counters that make everyday life easier. Counters can often clarify a particular issue and significantly speed up the calculation.

VAT calculator

How do I price products? What is the taxable and tax-free price of my product? The VAT calculator makes it easy to calculate the taxable and non-taxable prices of products.

The VAT calculator maintained by the taxpayer can be found here: VAT calculator

There are also many other guidelines for VAT.

Check out our VAT guidelines here: VAT

VAT lower limit counter

Do you keep the accounts yourself or have you agreed with the accounting firm that you are responsible for monitoring the lower limit yourself?

Or are you just wondering how you are doing with VAT?

The VAT Lower Limit Calculator helps you assess and outline whether your business is going over the lower limit and how you should act.

Link to the counter maintained by the taxpayer below:

Penalty interest calculator

Unfortunately, customers do not always pay their bills on time, so you may need to send a payment reminder to the customer. When sending a payment reminder, you also have the right to claim statutory interest on arrears, the calculation of which may sometimes cause difficulties, for example in a situation where you do not have a billing system in place.

The overdue interest calculator allows you to easily calculate the amount of overdue interest and add it to your payment reminder or even to your next invoice.

Here is a link to a clear and easy-to-use interest rate calculator:

Transfer tax calculator

How much do I have to pay transfer tax?

And what is the correct tax rate that I should apply?

A transfer tax calculator maintained by the taxpayer assists in the calculation and assessment.

If you need more information about transfer tax, you should read our instructions.

Read more: Transfer tax

Percentage counter

Are percentages a problem, or do you just need quick counters to support your bill?

The percentage calculator helps you calculate the calculation for you quickly and easily. All you need to know is the numbers on which the bill is based.

Discover and calculate: Percentage counter

Currency counter

Conversions between different currencies often cause questions and it can be difficult to find reliable counters.

However, here is a good and easy-to-use calculator that makes it easy to convert between currencies.

FIFO counter for virtual currencies

Today, more and more people are investing in virtual currencies. The FIFO method is used to calculate the potential increase or decrease in the value of investments, and the taxpayer has created this calculation to facilitate the FIFO calculator, which can be found behind the link below.

Discover and test: FIFO counter


Interest calculator

The interest rate calculator can be used to easily calculate, for example, the repayment price of an estimated mortgage or a corporate loan.

To use the calculator, you need information about the loan amount, the loan period, the interest rate and other possible additional costs (eg the lender’s monthly costs). In addition, it is possible to add start-up costs to the calculation.

Check out here: Interest Calculator