What is a bookkeeping company

Bookkeeping companies are service companies whose main task is to take care of the accounting of their clients, some bookkeepers is also providing provide other services related to financial administration as well.

Bookkeeping company`s duties

The main tasks of the bookkeeping company include monthly accounting, vat, tax returns, payroll, invoicing management, financial statement work and all kinds of advice related to customers’ taxation and operations.

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Bookkeeping company`s pricing

The pricing of bookkeeping companies can vary alot. Differences in pricing are often due to the structure, scope and pricing method of the services.

Invoicing can be based on, for example, the number of different accounting transactions, the company’s turnover, the company’s special needs or monthly prices.

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Bookkeeping companies in Finland

The number of Bookkeeping companies in Finland has remained relatively stable. In total, there are more than 4,000 accounting firms in Finland, which employ a total of about 12,000 professionals in the field. More information on the accounting firm can be found on the website of the Financial Management Association.

How to select a bookkeeper?

You should take the time to choose an bookkeeping company and think about what kind of service you need. The choice is greatly influenced by the company’s own needs now and in the future, as well as the company’s size class.

For example, it is important for a start-up company to choose an partner that can help with all everyday matters, while a longer-term entrepreneur may not need as much regular interaction because things are familiar for a longer period of time.

Electronical bookkeeping companies

Nowadays, the term “electronic bookkeeping company” is often heard, what does it mean?

An electronic bookkeeping company often refers to an partner that can be transacted through various electronic channels. In practice, this means, for example, that the supporting documents included in the accounts can be submitted by e-mail or through various systems.

There are many benefits to e-business compared to the so-called old way. One major advantage is speed and ease. For example, a customer can send a picture of a cash receipt immediately after making a purchase, so that the receipt does not disappear or be damaged in the pocket of the clothes.

Electronic tools also provide an excellent way to store, for example, purchase receipts in the same place for a possible future need. This allows you to return to them later.

Accounting softwares

There are many different types of software available in Finland that are used by bookkeeping companies.

The most popular products are the Visma product family Visma Fivaldi, Netvisor and the a Procountor system.

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